"The sexiest thing to happen to low sec in 2019" - Cerebella


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for reasonably experienced PVP pilots who can look after themselves in low sec. You do not need to be elite, not by a long shot, but you must have at least an idea what you are doing. We are a small corp, and expect all our members to be able to join a fleet and get fighting from the start.

You must be self sufficient in terms of isk and content. We can provide lots of tips and isk making guides, but you must be able to fund yourselves. You must also be willing to fly solo and find your own fun when there isn't much else on. If you want content and fleets spoon-fed, then you need to try a bigger corp.

Our culture

We just want to pew. Small gang, solo, whatever. We fight in the EU timezone, and you are welcome from any part of the world, but you must be active in this TZ.

We like a laugh and don't take things too seriously. Getting a bit salty now and again is fine, but raging is not. Tasteless humour is not a problem, however racism, homophobia and misogyny are. Edgelords need not apply.

How to apply

Join the Mea Culpa. channel in game. Or convo / evemail "Father LukeDuke", "mothyowns" or "Karl Rudolf Horse" in game. We can invite you to our discord for a chat.